Unpredictable weather patterns can cause havoc and disrupt life. Destructive phenomena such as hailstorms can result in serious damage to property, especially to windows, awnings, skylights and roofs.

A hailstorm early this year in Sydney caused upwards of $200 million dollars in damage, mostly because of large hailstones shattering windows and smashing holes in roofs and skylights across the city. In addition to the financial impact, shattered glass can severely injure somebody standing in its path.

While one cannot prevent unpredictable weather, one can always be prepared by fortifying the home against potential damage throughout the year – for instance, by investing in polycarbonate roofing.

About 250 times stronger than glass and 10 times stronger than acrylic, polycarbonate will not shatter, or even crack if hit by hailstones or a falling tree branch. Polycarbonate panels will not only protect residents but also keep the home or office from flooding.

Additionally, polycarbonate roofing will also protect tiles, decking, grilling equipment, furniture, and anything else of value that could be put at risk during a storm. A polycarbonate roof is easy to install, allowing the use of much lighter support structures such as steel or timber beams, and saving a considerable amount of valuable funds.

Available in clear, opal, or tinted finishes, polycarbonate is not exclusive to personal residences. Applications also include childproof pool fencing, domes on sporting arenas, musical theatres, hospitals, shopping centres, traffic screens, bridge walkways, and smoker canopies. Any architectural fixture that could be made of glass can also be made from the safer and more durable polycarbonate.

In addition to the flat polycarbonate sheets, Allplastics Engineering can offer a diverse range of aesthetically striking translucent polycarbonate panels including Multiwall polycarbonate lightweight panels; PEP Core 19mm translucent composite panels; Air Board translucent composite panels; and STAGE 40 translucent, trafficable, scratch-resistant, anti-slip surfaces.