Allplastics Engineering now supply high impact resistant polycarbonate glazing sheet that is as clear as glass, yet 250 times stronger.

Offering a margin of safety that puts other clear glazing material to the test, polycarbonate glazing sheet from Allplastics Engineering is ideal for high traffic areas, and areas where vandalism poses a problem.

This lightweight polycarbonate glazing sheet can be cut on site from flat sheet, or cold formed into curves without the pre-forming required with glass or acrylic. Due to its light weight and high strength designs using this sheet also require less structural support.

By allowing the transmittance of up to 90% of solar energy and 88% of visible light, polycarbonate glazing is an ideal material for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, when compared to an equivalent thickness of glass, polycarbonate glazing also has impressive insulating qualities.