Following the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) outbreak, Allplastics Engineering would like to provide you with some reassurance around the steps taken to ensure the safety of employees as well as continuity of service throughout this challenging time.

Ensuring staff safety

  • We have provided education to staff on:
    • Personal hygiene in line with Department of Health recommendations
    • High risk countries for travel (personal/holiday travel)
    • What to do if in contact with anyone from a high-risk area
    • What to do if a member of family/household is diagnosed with COVID-19
  • We have placed a ban on all non-essential travel
  • We are stopping our staff from having any unnecessary face-to-face client contact and meetings
  • We have upgraded our cleaning regime to be completely comprehensive, making hand sanitiser available to staff for cleaning workstations, equipment and data units before and after usage
  • We have communicated with all sub-contractors and have held meetings with suppliers to highlight the above and reinforce their personal obligations in relation to this matter
  • Installed acrylic clear barriers at our reception counter
  • Minimised the risk of staff contact by allocation of separate offices upstairs meeting the ‘4 square metres per person’ prerequisite
  • Minimised factory staff contact by reducing the number of employees working at the same time.

Ensuring continuity of service

Allplastics Engineering already has a robust Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place. In the event that our operation is forced to reduce staff numbers or shut down for a short period of time, our BCP will take effect allowing for all key operational staff to work remotely, should any number of individual employees or entire site be quarantined.

Allplastics Engineering will continue to follow all advice provided by the Australian Government and Department of Health in responding to this situation and will escalate measures as recommended or necessary involving appropriate parties/ authorities throughout the process.