Allplastics Engineering offer a range of ultra-thin Light boxes. They include the latest edge lighting technology and offer many features. Highly efficient electronic ballast gives longer tube life (average 6000 hrs) and low power consumption while the Tri-Phosphor fluorescent tubes provide maximum brightness.

Edge lighting provides an indirect light source that gives a much more even light distribution while eliminating the ‘hot spots’ of the traditional back lit lightbox.

The optical panel has special reflection and diffusion papers attached to provide maximum illumination. Panel thickness is precisely matched to the light panel surface area to provide regulated light emission.

Plastic Framed Light boxes

For very slim double-sided viewing, these elegant moulded plastic-framed edge lit lightboxes offer a convenient method of communicating at the point of sale. Features of the lightboxes include easy graphic change and a thickness of just 32mm. They offer even illumination and come ready to plug in. They have low power consumption and an Integral on/off switch.