Allplastics Engineering supplied custom made Plexiglas red tint and blue tint sheets for a unique art installation commissioned by the Department of Urban Growth NSW for their site in Campbell town.

Designed by artist Khaled Sabsabi, the ‘Gates of light’ project is a spectacular display of constellations laser cut from 10mm Plexiglas tinted sheets specifically to suit the artist’s unique designs and colour combinations.

The Plexiglas shapes were installed in steel structures fabricated by QME (Quality Manufacturing Engineers) and lighting was organised by Urban Growth NSW for a unique public art display at night.

The Gates of Light concept is inspired by multiple elements including ancient city gates, constellations, ancient and modern astronomy, light, colour and design. Traditionally built to provide a point of access, entry and departure for people, city gates for the artist in this context represent prosperity.

The artist views the installation as an expression of how multiple cultures have influenced, incorporated and evolved knowledge and the science of astronomy in a collective manner, mirroring contemporary Australian society as well as the great Renaissance period where art, philosophy, politics, science and religion flourished.