The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in businesses being required to operate under strict rules to prevent further transmission of the dreaded virus. Recreational facilities, for instance, are permitted to have up to 25% of the normal capacity of the venue. However, doing a head count of patrons and visitors can get confusing.

Allplastics Engineering offers a solution using acrylic plates that can be printed with numbers and distributed to the guests. The number plates can be collected back from the guests on their way out. A quick look at the plates will reveal the number of people in the venue.

These number cards or plates can be further personalised with the business’ logo or other branding information. Offering excellent impact resistance, lightweight structure, and full recyclability, acrylic sheets are also available in many colours, tints and surface textures, which can definitely meet specific requirements.

Allplastics Engineering has the experience in supplying quality custom made signage, numbers, logos and letters while also stocking a wide spectrum of materials to meet different needs. Customise the signage for your office and venues to create a stunning first impression.

Allplastics can provide you with complete printed signage on acrylic, polycarbonate, expanded PVC or multi-layered HDPE sheets among others.

Try innovative methods in these tough times; let Allplastics assist you in making your venue a safer and user-friendly space.