ALLOY ’s unique prefabricated stainless steel architectural screens have been featured on landscape design show Dry Spell Gardening, aired on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel on July 30, 2009.

Brendan Moar, landscape designer and Dry Spell Gardening host, created an eco-sanctuary on a steep suburban garden block for a Melbourne-based artist and her husband. Brendan used his highly regarded, innovative approach to design to take ALLOY’s prefabricated, punched metal panels and use them as unique gabion wall features that ran across the site to help create an exciting, contemporary garden.

ALLOY’s range of pre-fabricated, perforated metal mesh screens have been developed to provide a high quality, fast-turnaround, cost efficient architectural screen solution for interior and exterior.

Brendan and his team, who specialise in creating eco friendly gardens, used the ALLOY Swiss Cross and Penny 1200mm x 1000mm prefabricated punched metal panels in 1.6mm thick stainless steel - shaping them to their required specifications for the gabion walls. As an environmentally conscious designer, Brendan was attracted to the contemporary screen styles and materials and that they are a bi-product of the distinctive ALLOY metal tiles – which are punched from one solid sheet of metal - in ALLOY’s bid to keep waste to a minimum. Stainless steel is also 100% recyclable and requires a minimum of maintenance.

ALLOY products are hardwearing, long lasting and designed to maintain their integrity for a lifetime. ALLOY works exclusively with high quality metals and alloys. ALLOY products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia ensuring a consistently high quality product. ALLOY also offers a custom metal design and manufacture service for designers seeking superior results.