The NIGHTSHIFTER Hydraulic 6000 mobile lighting tower from Allight Pty Ltd has been announced as a finalist in the Australian International Design Awards (AIDA). This announcement cements its position as an industry-leading lighting product.

AIDA is a division of Standards Australia and every year they reward the nation’s innovative designs across a range of manufactured products, from consumer goods, to housing and building, to heavy machinery.

Competing in the heavy machinery category, Allight’s NIGHTSHIFTER Hydraulic 6000 (NH6000) is a new concept in mobile lighting solutions.

Paul Sowerby, Allight’s Director of Sales and Marketing explained, “We’re thrilled to have our newest lighting innovation shortlisted as a finalist alongside Australia’s best designs.”

To be worthy of a spot in the finals, each entry must demonstrate innovation, visual and emotional appeal, functionality, quality and manufacture, human factors (ergonomics, semantics and safety) and environmental sustainability.

According to Sowerby, the NH6000 mobile lighting tower shines in all criteria.

“This mobile lighting tower is versatile and highly functional in its design, and environmentally sound thanks to its efficient diesel engine and compact footprint”

“Its unique set of operational features provides a crossover between mining and civil applications, making it ideal for temporary lighting needs and situations where the light position needs to change regularly – whether it’s illuminating a mine site, road works or a rock concert.”

The lighting tower is compact, lightweight, and shock resistant and has been designed with easy transportation in mind. The mobile lighting tower also features a retractable drawbar, forklift pockets and lifting points.

“The unit’s modular design and space-saving properties ensure more efficient transportation – in fact, eight units fit perfectly in a 40-foot cargo container” Sowerby added.

“One of its most notable features is the unique mast design, with an internalised hydraulic cylinder – this set-up protects the hydraulics, boosts the mast’s strength and durability, and extends its reach.”

Sowerby described the usability of the NH6000 mobile lighting tower as effortless and user-friendly. “We put a lot of emphasis on the needs of the end user during the design process, and that’s reflected in the tower’s hydraulic operation, integrated control panel and its technical components.”

The mobile lighting tower’s Perkins diesel engine meets or exceeds the latest European and US emissions legislation. “These standards are far more stringent than what we’ve got in Australia,” explained Sowerby. “Ultimately the cleaner engine and streamlined shipping translate into a reduced carbon footprint.”

The NH6000 mobile lighting tower was launched in Australian in October 2008 and has since been adopted by leading companies including BHP Billiton, Baulderstone, Omega Construction, rental companies such as Coates, and local councils.

“Its largest market, however, is international – it’s another leading Australian design making its mark on a global scale,” concluded Sowerby.

As well as providing lighting solutions, Allight is the official distributor of Perkins diesel engines, FG Wilson generators, Godwin pumps and Rotair air compressors.

Design award winners will be announced on Friday 4 June at an awards presentation in