All Zappas introduces the Merlin range of garage door remotes comprising the Merlin Keyring M842 2-button,  the Merlin remote key ring style - Chamberlain C945  and the Merlin Keyhole - Chamberlain- M802.

Replacing Merling remotes with the same colour buttons, the Merlin Keyring M842 2-button uses high security code hopping technology. These remotes only suit openers from 1999 if they are fitted with Merlin`s code hopping receiver and they suit gate openers fitted with Merlin M-530 or M-532 code hopping receiver cards.

The Merlin remote key ring style - Chamberlain C945 are compatible with MR600/MR800 and MT5580/MT60/MT1000. Feature:

  • Three green buttons
  • Black match box size / key ring style with rolling code

The coding of the Merlin Keyhole - Chamberlain- M802 is by by 12 dipswitches which can be copied from existing remotes. This model has also replaced the old M800 and M2100 models which are now obsolete. They feature:

  • Large round blue button and one small black button
  • Height 10.5 cm x Width 5.5 cm

All orders include coding / programming instructions.