The Caleffi tempering valves from All Valve Industries can now be fitted in an Australian made recessed stainless steel lockable box, originally made for Caleffi thermostatic mixing valves. Two types of tempering valves are available for different applications; a grey cap for storage hot water or a yellow cap for solar applications and instantaneous heater systems.

There are numerous situations where it is preferable to use a tempering valve over a thermostatic mixing valve for reasons of cost and lower servicing requirements. In applications such as office complexes, hotels, motels, serviced apartments, restaurants and other buildings which are not covered by the state Health authorities, a tempering valve in a lockable box will ensure that the valves cannot be tampered with. It will also mean that they are locked away in a convenient location for maintenance purposes (cleaning filters, checks etc) or isolating the water supply.

The tempering valve in stainless steel recessed box is completely plumbed and ready to be installed and commissioned. These components are kept on hand and can be dispatched normally within a day or two and overnight delivery to most Australian metro areas.