All Valve Industries introduces the Caleffi thermal balancing valves designed for automatic balancing of recirculation circuits in domestic hot water distribution systems to ensure that all parts of the network reach the required temperature.  

Also known as thermostatic regulating valves, Caleffi thermal balancing valves are equipped with a bypass mechanism, either manual or automatic with a thermoelectric actuator to be used in the event of thermal disinfection against Legionella.  

On reaching the set temperature, the internal thermostat modulates the closure of the hot water orifice, thereby aiding circulation towards the other connected circuits.  

Any decrease in temperature results in the opposite action and the opening of the orifice. The cartridge is designed such that the thermostat is not directly in contact with the hot water, limiting potential trouble with blockage.  

Using Caleffi thermal balancing valves offers several benefits over manual balancing valves on the return line of hot water circulating systems.  

Reduced cost of commissioning

Thermal balancing valves are ‘field adjustable’ components and do not require any special equipment. Manual balancing valves on the other hand, generally require expensive equipment such as a manometer and also need experienced commissioning companies to balance the system to ensure correct flow rates.    

Accurate balancing of hot water on the return lines

Manual balancing of the system done by inexperienced people can result in uneven distribution of hot water. Thermal balancing valves do not require any experience to set the valves and they are accurate to within +/- 2ºC of the set temperature.  

Dynamic balancing of the system is achieved

A thermal balancing valve will automatically adjust to the fluctuating demands of hot water on the return line based on the return temperature, thereby distributing the hot water evenly throughout the day as the demand varies on each riser.  

Thermal disinfection of the system

Thermal balancing valves allow thermal disinfection of the system, which can be easily achieved by manually taking off the black plastic cap to allow full flow through the valve. Alternatively, the valve can be fitted with an actuator to open up at certain times during the day to allow for disinfection.