Safety relief valves for solar systems from All Valve Industries control pressure in the primary circuits of solar heating systems. When the calibrated pressure has been reached a valve opens and releases the fluid into the atmosphere. In this way pressure in the system is prevented from reaching dangerous levels that might cause damage to the solar collectors and other equipment.

These particular safety relief valves are certified to work at high temperature with a glycol medium. Therefore the obturator seal is in high resistance elastomer and the knob is made from plastic material which is resistant to increases in temperature and UV rays. The body of the valve has been chrome plated to protect it from dirt and moisture.

It is very important that the valves are installed before the expansion vessel, near the point in the circuit where the system is filled. They can be fitted either vertically or horizontally but must not be installed upside down. If fitted upside down deposits of impurities could affect how the valve functions.

These safety relief valves must also be installed in line with the flow direction indicated by the arrow on the body of the valve and there must not be any shut-off devices between it and the rest of the system.