All Valve Industries  distributes a varied range of actuators; pneumatic or electric, quarter turn or multi-turn, on/off or modulating and budget for industrial applications.

Highlighted below are the three main ranges of electric quarter turn actuators available for common uses from All Valve Industries. However, particular actuation requirements can be catered for upon request.

Commercial / Industrial Electric Actuators
The OM series quarter turn actuators are suitable for ball or butterfly valves with torque values from 58Nm up to 3,000Nm. The electric actuators feature IP67 watertight enclosures as standard, and feature built in thermal protection and manual override.

The electric actuators feature several options such as local or remote control units, additional limit switches, current position indicators, various voltages, modulating controllers, space heaters and many more. The OM series electric actuators are a versatile range that is suited to commercial or industrial applications.

CIM Electric Actuators
The CIM electric actuated ball valve comes complete with either chrome plated brass, or watermarked DZR brass ball valves in sizes 20mm and 25mm. The electric actuators are available in 240VAC or 24VAC and are only suitable for on/off applications. They are a very cost efficient valve and actuator package in either two or three way configurations, offering numerous and varied applications in pipeline systems such as: energy supply, sanitary, cooling and heating installations, chemical-processing industry, solar energy plants, swimming pool engineering, irrigation systems etc.

Belimo Spring Return Electric Actuators
Belimo is a Swiss manufacturer of electric actuators that are primarily used in HVAC applications. The Belimo range of electric actuators offers reliable, long lasting operation and is competitively priced. The electric actuators use a compact, geared down motor with a number of models also featuring a spring return electric actuator which is an excellent choice when costs need to be kept to a minimum. The spring return electric actuators can also be used in other industries or applications where a cheap alternative to fail safe close is required, providing the time required between open and shut is not critical.