All Valve Industries  offers a new line of pressure reducing valves designed for use in commercial and industrial environments.  

The Caleffi 536 series pressure reducing valves are pressure control valves that protect sensitive equipment downstream of the valve from high pressure and fluctuations in pressure.  

The 536 series pressure reducing valve features a high maximum inlet pressure up to 2,500kPa, and is able to reduce the pressure to as low as 50kPa and up to 600kPa using a standard allen key.  

These pressure reducing valves are also rated up to a higher temperature of 80ºC compared to other pressure reducing valves available from Caleffi.  

Designed to obtain optimum fluid dynamic characteristics, the internal layout has made it possible to achieve a noise level of less than 20 dB.  

This attribute has helped Caleffi reducing valves receive approval for inclusion in the I acoustic group in compliance with the EN 1567 European standard.  

Additionally, the internal shape of the reducing valve enables it to attain low pressure losses even when a large number of draw-off points are open.  

Components that are likely to undergo wear due to the friction of moving parts are all PTFE coated, substantially increasing the life of the pressure reduction devices. The stainless steel seat also contributes to the long-lasting operation of the valve.  

Key features:

  • High maximum inlet pressure up to 2,500kPa, reduced to as low as 50kPa
  • Rated up to a higher temperature of 80ºC
  • Unique internal layout helps achieve noise level of less than 20 dB
  • PTFE coated components