Use of a Multifunctional Thermostatic Circulation Valve (MTCV), available from, All Valve Industries, for thermal balancing of a hot water system reduces the consumption of electricity and can save up to 20% on the running costs of a circulation pump.

Operation of the MTCV:

Multifunctional Thermostatic Circulation Valve (MTCV) operates by utilising a thermal wax element to control the flow of water and consequently the water temperature.

The thermal element reduces the flow of water by closing at increasing temperatures and opening at decreasing temperatures.

The valve is placed on the return line of each riser on the hot water circulation system, limiting the volume of water in the circulation pipes to the minimum required level.

The valve is adjustable between 35°C and 60°C and comes pre-set at 50°C.

By presetting the valve to a value anywhere between this range, the required hot water temperature will be kept to a constant within the system.

Why thermal balancing?

  • A thermal MTCV valve automatically balances a system according to the preset temperature. By balancing the volume of water through each riser, it is possible to distribute the hot water evenly throughout the system, keeping the system set at a comfortable temperature for the end user
  • The MTCV can be installed in new hot water systems or retrofitted into one that needs balancing. The goal of balancing a circulation system is to supply hot water to all users in a short period of time, as well as reducing the tapping time of hot water to save water
  • Legionnaire bacteria survive and multiply at temperatures between 20°C and 45°C. It is therefore critical to maintain pipe temperature for a hot water system to at least 50°C. At this temperature, bacteria such as Legionnaire cannot survive

Upgrades for automatic disinfection:

The MTCV standard version A can easily and quickly be upgraded for thermal disinfection against the Legionella bacteria in hot water systems.

After removing the disinfection plug, the thermostatic disinfection module can be mounted. The regulation module in basic version A works within the temperature range 35 - 60°C.

When the temperature of the hot water increases above 65°C the disinfection module opens a bypass, allowing hot water to circulate through the system for disinfection.

The MTCV can also be upgraded to the electronically regulated disinfection process.

The CCR Master controls the MTCV valves via thermoactuators providing complete control over the disinfection process in each individual riser of the hot water system.