Balancing valves, also known as double regulating valves or commissioning valves, are installed in the pipework of hot water heating systems and cooling systems. These valves are installed on either the supply or return to regulate the flow, thus achieving balance between the various circuits of the system.

The Cim 787 series balancing valves, available from All Valve Industries , are made by Cimberio in Italy. These valves are equivalent to the STAT valve type balancing valves.

The required values of presetting for flow rates can be obtained from the flow charts provided. The balancing valve incorporates a variable orifice measurement device with two test points for the measurement of differential pressure, which is the common balancing method in Australia.

Following are the features of Cim 787 balancing valves:

  • A thread locking mechanism so that valve settings can be accurately locked, enabling the valve to be closed and re-opened to its exact pre-set position.
  • Allen key locking of valve positions.
  • A valve position indicator scale which can be read from any angle.
  • An EPDM lined valve plug providing tight shut-off for isolation purposes.
  • Pressure class: PN20.
  • Temperature: -10°C÷120°C.