All Valve Industries  has unveiled an ideal range of Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV).

The Caleffi 5213TM series Thermostatic Mixing Valve is an ideal compact valve on the market, but does not compromise on performance.

The new model Caleffi 5213TM series is tested and approved to both the Australian Standard AS4032.1 and the requirements of NSW Health. This will allow the valve to be installed Australia wide and also in NSW health facilities.

Australia wide, legislation has been enacted for hot water temperature control and the safe delivery of hot water to ablutionary outlets in applications such as early childhood centers, schools, hospitals, aged care and other similar facilities.

The 5213TM series is available in 15mm and 20mm and is extremely compact which is especially helpful if retrofitting. Although the physical size of the valve has been greatly reduced, the valve’s performance has definitely not been compromised.

During independent testing, the 15mm model comfortably achieved flow rates in excess of 30 litres per minute with balanced inlet pressures of 300kPa. This flow rate is more than comparable with any other Thermostatic Mixing Valve on the market.

The Thermostatic Mixing Valve is competitively priced, so you should save money and win more projects.

The Thermostatic Mixing Valve comes standard with isolating valves, check valves and strainer; however, it is also available with the compact, combined all-in-one isolating valve, non-return valve and strainer in a well-designed, lockable recessed stainless steel box for easy installation.