A number of building products have been appraised and declared fit for purpose by CSIRO Appraisals.

They include:

Ardex 8+9 Ardex Waterproof Coating System – Vibro Products

Dampflex Reo Waterproof Membrane – Davco Construction Materials

Alpine MDF Flooring Underlay – Dominance Industries

Superflex Premixed Bathroom and Balcony Liquid Waterproofing Membrane System – Norcros Building Products

Syfon System (Siphonic Drainage System) – Syfon Systems

Emer-Proof 750/Emer-Proof 750-UV – Parbury Technologies

Mondoplan Rubber Flooring – Mondo Pacific

CSIRO Appraisals are a full fitness for purpose evaluation, giving manufacturers the independent evidence needs for regulatory approval. Evaluations also provide designers, builders and future owners the assurance that functionality will be met.