The OHS Harmonisation Work Health and Safety Act (WHS) is set to be introduced to Australia in January 1, 2012. This would bring many changes in the way businesses are managed.

AlertForce , an Australian Occpuational Health and Safety (OHS) training company, offers their OHS harmonisation online training that teaches the new additions from the OHS harmonisation Act.

The online training course is catered to help company officers, senior managers and related positions, enhance business protection and provide skills and knowledge to keep a business from breaching the WHS act. Breaches can cost businesses with fines for ‘reckless conduct’.

AlertForce’s OHS Harmonisation training is nationally accredited to BSBOHS509A Ensure a safe workplace and BSBOHS301B Apply knowledge of OHS in the workplace.

The OHS Harmonisation online training course covers:

  • Legislative Framework under the new Work Health and Safety Act
  • Duties of Care
  • Compliance and Due Diligence Requirements
  • Evidence Certification
“AlertForce is dedicated to staying up to date with all the requirements once the legislation passes. We will provide all the critical information required in order to ensure the well-being of our clients!” said Brendan Torazzi, AlertForce company founder.

In taking AlertForce’s OHS Harmonisation online course, individuals will have the legitimacy and knowledge to avoid possible litigation. Successful participants will be considered legally competent under the government audited guidelines.

To visit the OHS Harmonisation online course, visit the AlertForce website or call their contacts for further details.