Alert Tech is a specialist in offering innovative devices and equipment for the health care industry. Some of the solutions provided by Alert Tech are Dementia control systems, paging systems, Nurse Call solutions, structured cabling, DECT portable phone solutions, security systems, Duress systems, CCTV systems, door access control, Cat5e & Cat6 Certification, Cisco networks, PABX systems and more.

In addition to these services, Alert Tech also offers ServicePlus™, which is comprehensive systems check and preventive maintenance arrangement. Alert Tech also supplies assortment of monitoring devices, which are intended to inform staff of patient moving out of their bed. This is referred to as Fall Prevention. Alert Tech further provides Floor Mats. This Mat Switch from Alert Tech, when fixed with suitable plug can be plugged straight into nurse call systems. When patient stands on the Mat Switch, device starts the nurse call system.

Alert Tech also offers Bed Mat, which is a flexible vinyl mat. Bed Mat from Alert Tech is directly positioned on top of the mattress, generally lengthways. They are covered with draw sheet, plastic sheet or kylie to protect it from damage.