Aleksandar Design Group  offers interior designing, urban planning and architectural services through wide ranges of projects. Aleksandar Design Group has completed various projects catering to the urban, commercial and mixed use requirements.

Various commercial architectures and interior designing have been designed by Aleksandar Design Group for the urban requirements. Some of Aleksandar Design Group’s successful urban architectures include new housing development in Coffs harbour which consists of 120 residential units with resort style facilities, waterfront development in Belmont which consists of 70 serviced apartments with central courtyard to enhance tourist facilities and Hobart waterfront in Tasmania which consists of buildings with international designs and technology.

Commercial architectures from Aleksandar Design Group includes Clarins gold class salon in Rozelle which consists of renovation and extension of an un used building, commercial building in Burwood consists of 1300 sqm building with various advanced facilities and amenities, shopping centre in Aubum consists of 3 level shopping mall and 2 levels of premium grade commercial space, Gt café in Homebush, Truck wash in Regents park and Social club in Cabramatta.

Aleksandar Design Group also offers various mixed use architectures and interior designing projects. Thus Aleksandar Design Group provides commercial architectures, interior designing and urban architectures of premium quality.