Alder Tapware has been supplying high-quality and cost-effective products to the Australian residential building market for more than 40 years.

Trusted by builders and plumbers, Alder Tapware revolutionised tapware by bringing the style, functionality and durability of exceptional Australian design into builder specifications and residential homes.

A curated collection of tried and tested tapware, the Alder Tapware Builders Range delivers functionality and design to any budget. Featuring a range of designs, styles and finishes with matching showers and accessories, the collection simplifies the process of decision-making during selection.

Four designs

Alder Tapware Builders Range is designed for builders and plumbers and includes four exceptional designs: SOHO, FLEX, SAMM and the newest addition, MAXX.

Alder Tapware’s latest range, the MAXX Collection, has a modern round and square design aesthetic with discrete backplates. It has matching showers and accessories to create a cohesive look and value for money for the modern home. With a sophisticated organic shape with geometric angles, it features Alder Tapware’s interchangeable in-wall body system. Available in Chrome, Matte Black, Brushed Nickel and Brass, the MAXX Collection boasts functionality, durability and exceptional style.

The SOHO collection is distinguished by its organic shapes and softened angles with an easy-to-use handle.

FLEX has elegant upswept lines and contemporary design that delivers a sophisticated round aesthetic.

Lastly, the SAMM collection incorporates elegant, curved lines and a paddle handle, epitomising perfect functionality.

The range boasts a full suite of products that include gooseneck and rectangular sink mixers as well as extended basin mixers, wall basin/bath mixer sets with backplate and diverters for dual bath and shower application.

Matched with 170mm, 220mm and 300mm spouts for both basin and bath application, it makes pairing each design easy for any space and bathroom design. Match with the Alder swivel spout 240mm when a swivel bath spout is required.

Four finishes


The Alder Tapware Builders Range is available in four finishes including Chrome, Matte Black, Brushed Nickel and Brass. With a 7-year finish warranty we are proud of the durability of our finishes and their ability to stand the test of time.

Brass is the newest colour finish and offers a true matte look with an additional finishing process for anti-finger print giving greater durability and retaining the look and lustre of the contemporary-coloured finish. With a ‘fixed’ finishing process the sophisticated look is designed to be retained over many years.

Seamlessly integrating with matching showers and fixtures, each design allows you to achieve a cohesive aesthetic throughout your home with matching contemporary finishes. With a number of showers to match, the EXCITE rail shower is a versatile option as it has both a round design that best matches SOHO and FLEX as well as a square design that best complements MAXX and SAMM.

Both KASI bracket and the FRESCO rail support the extension into Brass as value for money options.

Interchangeable in-wall system

Each design includes our Alder interchangeable in-wall system design for the wall mixer, wall basin/bath mixer set, wall basin/bath mixer set with backplate and diverter.

The Alder interchangeable in-wall body system fits every Alder Tapware Builders Range product within a colour finish. This gives you ultimate flexibility when choosing as the design can be interchanged pre or post installation, eliminating costly hold ups as well as enabling you to easily update the design without costly rectification work at any time.

The Alder interchangeable in-wall body system is used with SOHO, FLEX, SAMM and MAXX.

The suite of interchangeable body systems includes:

  1. Alder interchangeable in-wall body for the wall mixer;
  2. Alder interchangeable concealed assembly for the wall basin/bath mixer sets with backplates; and
  3. Alder interchangeable diverter body for the diverters.

Alder interchangeable in-wall body systems are available in Chrome, Matte Black, Brushed Nickel and Brass.

Lead free

With the release of the lead-free Alder Tapware Builders Range in 2024, Alder is delivering important public health benefits to its builders, customers and the community. National Construction Code 2022 has introduced a new limit for the allowable level of lead in plumbing products used for drinking water, being no greater than a weighted average of 0.25%.

SOHO, FLEX, SAMM and MAXX can now be specified as lead free and ordered in early 2024.

All of Alder’s current tapware range have used on average less than half the allowable lead under the Australian Standards. The company has always worked hard to minimise the use of lead.

5 Star WELS rating

We have delivered both water efficiency and maintained user experience and functionality with our 5 Star 6L/M flow rate across SOHO, FLEX, SAMM and MAXX Collections.

The Alder Tapware Builders Range offers a socially conscious choice for a better future.

Socially conscious designs

Alder is continuously thinking forward to anticipate the next trends and ground-breaking technologies that set the benchmark for functionality, socially conscious designs and user experience.