Akril Panel is an innovative alternative to coated glass products. Supplied in a sheet form and in standard sizes Akril panel offers you the unique appearance of glass without the inherent obstacles associated with the supply and installation of glass.

As an off the shelf product, Akril Panel is an ideal product for any vertical application, including showers, laundries, kitchen doors and walls and any area in the home or office area where direct heat will not be applied.

In retail and commercial applications Akril Panel can be used where decorative walls and surfaces are required.

Akril Panel is an ideal product for architects and designers where decoration or image upgrades are required and these can completed quickly and efficiently. Simply Akril panel allows you turn up on site and deal with any variation presented in the construction phase.

Being light weight, it easy to handle, has a high scratch resistance and if scratched Akril Panel can be repaired simply by polishing the surface. Akril Panel will not distort in temperatures of up to 100 degrees, making it ideal for possible outdoor use in suitable environments.

Akril Panel is available from Galvin Hardware.