In yet another move into big businesses, Akril panel has been chosen by Boost Juice bars to fit out their new stores. Providing a specialist range of colours, panel from Akril was chosen by Boost to give a fresh look to their new stores.

Offering solutions in signage, wall cladding and even a good finish for the front of the bar, one among the reasons Akril was chosen is its versatility.

Akril panel can be installed by a regular builder or tradesperson, removing the need for specialist glaziers. This reduces time spent on installation, not to mention costs.

Furthermore, being available off the shelf, with a maximum lead time of five days from production to distributor, Akril can be on hand at short notice.

This was a point of difference for Boost in comparison to colour backed glass, as tighter time schedules could be given, and stores made operational much sooner.

Being a health-conscious brand, Boost was also attracted to Akril is being accredited by Good Environmental Choice Australia’s eco label programme.

Being fully recyclable and being made at a much lower cost to the environment than glass equivalents, Akril panel is a responsible choice for companies and individuals concerned about the sustainability of their building products.

Akril’s versatility becomes increasingly apparent as it expands into a variety of commercial environments. Being used for small and larger businesses, Akril panel reduces costs and lead-times. With the ability to create custom colours for larger clients, Akril truly is an ideal solution for commercial fit-outs.