Akril Panel’s  engineered polymer has allowed many architects and designers to express the creative edge like never before.

The ability to flex and form Akril into various shapes has created a new market for Akril with the help of the imaginations of designers and architects to create curved feature walls and splashbacks among various other applications.

Akril has been used in a number of residential and commercial jobs throughout Australia and is growing each day including the Terrace Tea Room at the Botanical Gardens and the Hafele Headquarters and showroom located in Melbourne.

Developers and builders love the fact that Akril can turn the hassles of glass fitting into an easy pickup, cut to size and install in a single day process. Thus reducing lead-times and associated cost of glass.

Markets that require light weight materials have explored the possibilities and abilities of Akril only to find more and more applications Akril maybe used in, such as caravans and boats are starting to offer the look of glass without the weight issues of glass due to the ingenuity of Akril.