Panelled glass alternatives from Akril are an innovative replacement for coated glass and tiles.

Targeting areas prone to moisture exposure, Akril's new panels can be used in:

  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • laundries
  • cupboard doors
  • business foyers
  • retail shops; and
  • walls.

Akril’s Managing Director Brian Hughes says, “The response has been even greater than we had expected. Designers, architects and builders love it.”

The two key benefits he thinks draws customers to the glass alternative are its ability to be taken to a site and easily fitted, and the fact that scratches on the surface can be polished out.

Akril panels are easily cut, light weight and provide a clean decorative finish. David believes the introduction of this glass alternative will help overcome many of the logistic and handling issues designers and builders have with the original.

Akril panels are available in standard sizes and a wide range of colours.