Pneumatic tube systems from Aircom Systems can be used for various applications such as retail outlets, hospitals, clubs, pubs and industries. In retail outlets, Aircom cash transfer system minimises the risk involved in transporting money from remote places to a secured office. Cash transfer systems come in different sizes including 75mm, 90mm, 110mm and 160 mm. These cash transfer systems are capable of transferring money very quickly.

To transport pathology and pharmaceutical samples within hospitals, pneumatic tube systems are used. The tubes are made of non flammable plastic, powder coated metal stations and stainless steel. All the tubes are leakproof carriers with point to point station or multi station systems.

Aircom cash transfer systems installed in clubs and pubs enhance the transportation of coins. This system does not require any additional security staff while transporting the cash through public area. This system uses smart card or PIN code access as a security access control.

Aircom conveying system is used for transporting small parts between assembly shops or for transporting samples for quality control. The conveying system comes in 4 different sizes including 75mm, 90mm, 110mm and 160mm.