Air Conditioning & Electrical Services Australia can supply and install a range of wall mounted split systems, cassettes or split ducted systems to any residence.

Split system airconditioners are divided into 2 main parts:

  • An outside unit that incorporates the condenser and compressor mounted on the wall of a building
  • An inside unit including the evaporator mounted on the interior wall or ceiling of the room to be cooled
These split system airconditioners function to reduce the space required inside, reduce interior noise that is deferred to the exterior, and enable several interior units to connect to a single exterior unit.

They are also a much more energy efficient alternative than conventional bar and oil heaters, as a 1kW split system can outperform a 1kW bar heater by a factor of 3.5, saving more than 70%.

Additionally, these split system airconditioners do not run 100% of the time and are unlikely to cause a fire. They can be programmed to maintain a set temperature and come on and off automatically when they are most needed.