Air Change are dedicated to the design and manufacture of energy efficient HVAC systems that ensure a healthy indoor air quality using the latest available technology.

At the heart of its HVAC products is the patented heat exchange technology which minimises the energy required to condition outdoor air to a comfortable indoor environment.  

Due to current building codes, many apartment buildings are now being built under strict guidelines to be tightly sealed. Multi-storey apartments require the building to be thermally insulated with minimal air infiltration to maximise energy efficiency. 

In conjunction with strict fire codes, mechanical ventilation systems need to be carefully considered by designers, builders, facility managers and home owners as, in the absence of an effective exhaust or ventilation system, condensation can cause detrimental issues within apartments or buildings. 

Conventional bathroom and toilet exhaust systems are no longer functional or effective in eliminating condensation, unable to prevent any subsequent problems such as mould and mildew.

This year, Air Change will be showcasing its new In Ceiling 70 Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV-IC 70) at Future Build 2012.

The ERV-IC 70 is a cost effective and energy conscious method of discreetly extracting bathroom exhaust and simultaneously supplying outdoor make up air.

Special design considerations were adhered to when designing this system to suit apartment buildings that include:
  • improve indoor air quality 
  • ensure efficient reduction of condensation 
  • noise levels had to be kept to a minimum 
  • spatial restrictions for an in-ceiling installation (ERV-IC 70 has a low profile height of 180mm) 
  • convenient access to filters and fans for easy maintenance 
  • the ability to easily modulate the air flow for either a one or two bedroom apartment