Agrifab  specialises in providing custom made covers for diverse applications, for over 30 years. Agrifab provides covers for hot houses, flower and tunnel houses, shade houses, hail and bird protection, windbreak and weed and erosion control.
The shade house covers from Agrifab minimise the damage caused to plants while still efficiently managing the distribution of light and temperature. Hot house covers make use of waterproof high strength materials and incorporate climate management to enhance plant growth.
Agrifab is known for supplying, installing and repairing waterproof sails, shade sails, structures and shelters according to the specifications of the customers. Agrifab provides shading and waterproof solutions to child care centres, schools, backyards, gardens, patios and parks. Shade sails are installed in shopping centres, sport centres, hotels and work areas as well.
Shade sails are suitable for providing heat and ultra violet rays protection while still allowing cool air to flow through. This feature creates a more comfortable environment. These shade sails are lightweight and durable because of the stainless steel cable and fittings and scalloped edges used. Shade sails are available in a range of colours and are suitable even for extreme weather conditions.
The waterproof sails from Agrifab are made from PVC and polyfabric materials. These waterproof sails provide sun, weather and ultra violet protection. Agrifab makes use of stainless steel cables and powder coated steel for installation, which are suitable for varied weather conditions. Shade and weatherproof materials are also available from Agrifab.