Swinglane security entrance barrier systems, available from Record Automated Doors, combine the advantages of a swing door and a long detection lane with a high capacity security barrier. The security entrance barrier systems help to prevent tailgating and offer greater user comfort. The security barriers are available as a single or multiple lane setups and are compatible with most access control systems, including card readers and biometric systems.

Record Automated Doors Swinglane security entrance barrier systems divide an area into secure and non-secure area by the use of swinging doors. The barriers will allow access only after authorisation from an access control system or a signal from an external control panel. This ensures that only authorised people can enter from the non-secure side to the secured area.

Record Automated Doors Swinglane security entrance barrier systems are imported to Australia under license from Dutch door manufacturer Boon Edam. The entry systems have been used in numerous commercial office buildings.

Record Automated Doors was selected as the security contractor for this project to provide pedestrian security barriers to the various entry points in the building. This included the high security bi-fold entry lane system, to an unmanned entry, as well as Speedlane entrance security barrier systems to the main reception entry and the lower ground staff entry.

Record Automated Doors Swinglane entrance security barrier systems are fully automatic and available with one or two fast opening swing doors, creating a standard sized passage or a wider passage to enable wheelchair or trolley access. The entrance security barriers are equipped with several sets of security sensors on each side of the door wing, where they will most accurately detect tailgating attempts. The sensors also detect intruders from the opposite side, and tampering, such as an attempt to block the Swinglane.

Record Automated Doors Swinglane entrance security barrier systems have numerous options in design and surface finishing that will complement or match a variety of interiors. The standard Swinglane barrier system is finished in polished stainless steel, with clear glass used for both the cabinet and door wings. The top cover of the unit can be finished with wood, stainless steel or other materials.

A range of security entrance barriers systems are available from Record Automated Doors and customised security solution can be tailored for any building entrance.