Record Automated Doors are located in Australia. Record Automated Doors provides a wide range of automatic doors, security entrance systems and high-speed security gates. The door range of Record Automated Doors includes automatic revolving and sliding doors.Record Automated Doors' doors are designed and manufactured according to different specifications and applications for the building industry.

Record Automated Doors develops its own designs for the entire range of its products. Record Automated Doors also provides customised solutions to suit special requirements and applications.

Record Automated Doors specialises in glass engineering, steel and aluminium fabrication, and motorisation of windows and doors. Record Automated Doors functions a one stop shop for design, engineering, manufacturing and installation. Record Automated Doors assures that it is equipped with the infrastructure and resources to undertake any specialised project.

Record Automated Doors has more than 35 years of experience in the field of automatic door manufacturing. The sales and estimating team of Record Automated Doors provides guidance to architects in their design and budgeting requirements.

The engineers and draftsmen of Record Automated Doors are trained to maintain the safety standards required by the building industry. Project management services available from Record Automated Doors are extended throughout the completion of projects within the scheduled time. A group of engineers are provided by Record Automated Doors to supervise the installation of projects. Service technicians are deployed 24 hours to attend to any problem in automated products.