Record Automated Doors’ sliding doors comprise sliding, slimline sliding, custom sliding, curved sliding, bi-folding, tri-sliding, swing operator, breakout sliding and telescopic sliding models.

Custom sliding automatic doors produced by Record Automated Doors are customised automatic door systems. Custom sliding doors may be large size automatic entrance systems comprising six equal-sized glass panels with heavy galvanized steel framing. Cutom doors are operated on the activation of sensors to gain access into the building. If required, motorised tracks can slide all six panels into the structure cavities to provide a completely open space.

Record Automated Doors offers to design, manufacture and install sliding doors of any size or using any material to suit different requirements. Sliding doors that are meant to not be noticed can be replaced with slimline sliding doors. Slimline sliding doors are of total height of 80mm and are regarded to suit modern facades. Curved sliding doors can be fabricated as stand alone units or within a curved glass entrance.

Bi-fold automatic doors are applicable for limited spaces. These doors enable free passage and operate quickly. Bi-fold automatic doors are used in secured entry lane systems where fast closing speed is required. Record Automated Doors also provides solutions such as high level security doors, security entrance barriers and vehicle control systems.