For many years glass has remained relatively unchanged. People rarely look at the glass, they just look through it. This has all changed with AGP UMU.

The Record Automated Doors UMU Switchable Privacy Glass, available from Record Automated Doors, is an innovative glass product that is preferred by many architects, interior designers and building owners looking for practical vision control.

With over 19 years experience in UMU Switchable Privacy Glass in Australia, Record Automated Doors have a good track record in supply and installation.

Record Automated Doors UMU is a laminated glass containing a liquid crystal interlayer between two sheets of annealed glass.

In its transparent state, an electric current is passed through this interlayer, which aligns the liquid crystals and enables the glass to be seen through.

When privacy is required, the current can be turned off causing the crystals to fall into a random formation. It is this random nature that causes the glass to become translucent.

In the translucent state, the Record Automated Doors UMU Switchable Privacy Glass is ideal for use as a rear projection screen. Once the video projector is turned off the glass can be switched to transparent mode to reveal a display behind the glass. This makes Record Automated Doors UMU suitable for product launches, training rooms or video conferencing.

The Record Automated Doors UMU Switchable Privacy Glass can be custom made to any size within the maximum dimensions of 2750 x 990mm.

The glass comes with an edge protection on at least one side. If required, it can also have edge protection on 2, 3 or 4 sides. The Record Automated Doors UMU Switchable Privacy Glass is available in 6.5mm, 10.5mm and 12.5mm thick.