With an open and close time of approximately 6 seconds, the Record Automated Doors Speedgate, available from Record Automated Doors, is a good solution when it comes to secure entrance technology.

The Record Automated Doors Speedgate’s operating speed make it as fast as a boom gate with the added security of the gates to provide a complete barrier to unauthorised persons and vehicles.

The gates can be custom made to the customers requirements using picketed or bar gates or if privacy is needed panel gates.

Units are also available with top or bottom running gear configurations, so if height restrictions are an issue the running gear can be installed recessed in the floor with removable floor grates for maintenance.

With all sizes available up to 7m high x 7m wide, the Record Automated Doors Speedgate can be used in loading docks for truck access or can be made smaller for car park entries.

Other advantages of the Record Automated Doors Speedgate are the bi-fold design, which does not require a cleared run back area that sliding gates do or a large swing out area as required by traditional swing gates.

Combining the Record Automated Doors Speedgate with other security products, Record Automated Doors offer like retractable bollards or road blockers, the high level of vehicle access security can be achieved.

Record Automated Doors custom build their gates under license in Australia. Record Automated Doorshighly experienced installers, along with the in house engineers and draftsmen will provide a good service quality.