Two walling systems from AFS Systems were specified for a building project in Carlingford NSW, helping the installer, Rockform Group achieve faster completion.

Located on 110–112 Adderton Road in Carlingford, the project consisted of two buildings with AFS Systems supplying walling solutions for both above ground and below ground applications.

With a reputation for installing high quality walling systems, Rockform Group specified AFS Logicwall and AFS Rediwall systems for the Carlingford project. These walling systems were integral to the project’s success, according to the installer.

Louie Takchi, Project Manager, Rockform Developments said: “Both wall systems proved to be of great benefit to our project. The accuracy of Logicwall and the versatility of Rediwall allowed us to achieve good results for every wall application. They were both easy to handle and quick to install, helping us achieve faster completions. And of course, they met our fire and acoustic requirements.”

The project comprised of two buildings consisting of five storeys and a basement.  

AFS Logicwall was installed for the boundary walls and internal walling, covering a total area of 4,514 square metres.

AFS Rediwall found application on the basement walls as well as the lift and stair cores, covering a total area of 1,358 square metres.