Due to the demand for built spaces that are both functional and beneficial to our health and wellbeing, curved walls and blade columns are growing in popularity. Curvilinear spaces have been proven to have a positive impact on the human psyche while the advantage of thinner load bearing blade columns is that they provide more usable space within a building. However, curves and columns in concrete wall construction can often be challenging to execute efficiently. Thanks to advancements in formwork systems, there are cost-effective solutions available that can help practitioners deliver increasingly unique and complex structures.

Embracing Architectural Curves and Columns: Reducing Costs and Increasing Design Flexibility in Concrete Wall Construction highlights the growing use of curves and columns in modern design, and the various issues such forms can raise in concrete wall construction. We take a close look at why building curved walls and columns with traditional formwork systems can lead to increased construction costs. We then consider the benefits of permanent formwork in this context before showcasing two smart solutions for curves and blade columns for below and above ground wall applications.

AFS Rediwall® is an innovative permanent formwork system that is made of prefabricated, high-quality panels and interconnecting components that simply snap or slide into place. Adding to the popular Rediwall® interlocking panel system, AFS have launched two new products that will help deliver smarter solutions for any project—Rediwall® Blade Columns and RW200 Curve Panel.


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