Adding to the popular Rediwall® interlocking panel system, AFS permanent formwork systems have launched two new products that will help deliver smarter solutions for any project.

Introducing Rediwall® Blade Columns and RW200 Curve Panel.

The new AFS Rediwall® Curve Panel integrates seamlessly into the RW200 interlocking panel system allowing for total wall design flexibility.

Easy to install, panels have a minimum curve radius of 0.5-metres, come in a 15-degree segment panels, are available in heights of 3m and 3.6m, and are finished in the standard rediwall® colour.

Why AFS RW200 Curves?

Easy to design with tight radius and length options

Available for the RW200 profile, in 3m and 3.6m panel heights, with a 15-degree segment panels to create tight curved walls down to as small as 0.5-metre radius.


Rediwall is CodeMark certified to the National Construction Code (NCC), and meets the relevant requirements for structural, load bearing reinforced concrete walls designed in accordance with the (AS3600-2018) Concrete Structures Code and achieving a fire rating up to FRL 240/240/240.

Curve Integrated

Seamless integration into the RW200 interlocking panel system, allowing for total wall design flexibility.

Fast solution

Delivered to site ready to install, there’s no cutting or drilling required, resulting in less on-site preparation.

Optimised for buildings of up to eight storeys, with mixed framing or column frame structural arrangements, the revolutionary new afs Rediwall® blade columns can be used by designers to increase efficiencies and help minimise construction costs.

Why Rediwall® Blade Columns?

Advanced blade column design

AFS Rediwall® blade columns provide a simplified AS3600-2018 compliant solution utilising standard end U-bars in lieu of closed ligatures or intermediate ties across all Rediwall profile sizes.

Architectual flexibility

Advanced design methodology offers greater architectural flexibility by combining walls, columns, blades, and cores to help maximise lettable area.

Build cost reductions

There is no need for specialised column bracing, crane formwork or custom reinforcement into place – our blade columns provide a fast completion time to traditional solutions with less on-site trades required.

Ease of installation

The AFS Rediwall® Blade Column results in a reduction in formwork, labour, and disciplines on site. Some other advantages include:

  • No requirement for base ligature
  • No pre-installation of starter bar ligatures
  • Compatible with standard U-bars
  • Compatible with the AFS Vertical Bar Locator (VBL) system
  • Ease of inspection with open end caps


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