Wall systems from AFS Systems helped the builder overcome the challenges of a tight worksite during the construction of apartments in Greenslopes, QLD.

For the project located at 9-15 Regina Street, Greenslopes, the builder, RGD Group chose AFS permanent formwork over conventional blockwork for the walling, not only saving time but also benefitting from efficiencies on the space-constrained site.

According to Joe Alderton, Site Manager, RGD Constructions, AFS Systems made a tight site workable.

The builder chose AFS Logicwall and AFS Rediwall systems for their structural load bearing capacity. Additionally, being a shop-drawn system, Logicwall arrived on site needing just one semi per floor while conventional walling using block, sand and cement would have required four deliveries, creating significant traffic control issues. About 1224 square metres of Logicwall were used in the 61-apartment project over 7 storeys.

Since AFS wall systems are not crane-dependent and can be installed manually, the crane was freed up for other tasks.

RGD Group looks forward to working with AFS Systems on future projects.