AFS Rediwall, a walling system from AFS Systems Pty Ltd (CSR) was specified for a new architecturally designed boutique apartment project in Ryde NSW. The choice of AFS Rediwall addressed the time and quality concerns of the builder, Lightning Constructions during the execution of the build. The project consisted of 35 apartments over 7+2 storeys.

Lightning Constructions was determined to deliver the project on time without sacrificing building quality. After researching their options, they identified AFS Rediwall as the right walling system that would help them achieve both objectives.

AFS Rediwall was chosen for both above ground and below ground installation.

Daniel Djogo, Foreman, Lightning Constructions says:

“Using AFS Rediwall, as opposed to traditional walling methods, really demonstrated how versatile and fast this walling system is. With eight 2-bedroom apartments to a floor, we achieved 7-day turnarounds from set-outs to being core filled and readied for the form decks. This was tremendously quicker than conventional brick/blockwork.

“We wish to commend Domenic Calabro, DC Concrete, for their expert installation of Rediwall on site. We also endorse Eldicio Lino, Shalom Construction, for applying a faultless render finish to the system. And obviously, we look forward to using AFS Rediwall in the future.”

AFS Rediwall was used for the basement, retaining walls, lift and stair cores, and blade walls.