LOGICWALL from AFS Systems Pty Ltd (CSR) replaced conventional block walls at an apartment project in Pascoe Vale VIC, helping the developer achieve considerable savings in construction time and cost. Located at 23-25 Cumberland Road, The Pascoe is a residential development comprising of 142 units across four 3-storeyed buildings.

The developer, Better Living Group chose the LOGICWALL wall system for the first time on The Pascoe, replacing the core filled block walls they had been using in their projects for many years. Unlike the time-consuming block work, LOGICWALL offered a rapid install with fast floor cycles and easier materials handling, enabling them to reduce construction times without compromising on a quality build.

The Pascoe project was completed structurally in just 10-and-a-half months. Better Living Group was also able to reduce costs with considerable savings achieved in wastage, cranage, time and finishing.

Having used AFS LOGICWALL for the first time on The Pascoe project, Better Living Group Director Silvio Mazzei said they were very impressed at the speed of installation, the expertise behind the shop drawing service, and the efficiency of manufacturing and delivery. AFS LOGICWALL was used in the project for the corridor walls, external walls, core walls, party walls and ramp walls.