AFS REDIWALL from AFS Systems was specified for a major apartment project located on Cliff Road in Epping, NSW.

With over three decades of experience in the sector, Radray Constructions understands the importance of installation times. However, given their hard-earned reputation for workmanship, the company knows the true value of quality and how it can never be compromised in the pursuit of quicker construction.

Radray specified AFS REDIWALL for their substantial Epping One project with the material’s flexibility of use being one of the primary advantages when building the columns, basement retaining walls and lift cores right up to the fifth floor party walls.

According to Jamie Siracusa, Project Manager, Radray Constructions, they were very impressed with the speed of installation of the AFS REDIWALL panels, which helped them fast-track their Epping One project. Compared to their previous building methods, the AFS wall panels were quick and easy to install, helping the builder speed up their floor cycle times.

Radray Constructions was also able to core fill without multiple passes, saving them valuable time on-site. Mr Siracusa is confident they will use REDIWALL on all future projects.