AFS Products Group  are suppliers of AFS Logicwall, a permanent formwork structural walling system suitable for the construction of all kinds of commercial and residential buildings.

After recent projects at Belmont and Port Macquarie in NSW, AFS Logicwall has gained a reputation as an efficient and cost-effective structural walling solution for builders looking to simplify the construction process. AFS Logicwall is suitable for the construction of:

  • multi-storey apartments
  • hotels/motels
  • office buildings
  • shopping centres, hospitals and prisons.
The success of the AFS Logicwall structural walling system on both of the Belmont and Port Macquarie projects is testament to the commitment of the AFS Products Group team to provide the highest level of service and after-sales support.

The Belmont Central project used 4500m² of AFS LogicWall structural walling for party walls, external walls, and the lift and stair shafts.

“At the early planning stage, the Structural Engineer on the project reviewed and chose to use the AFS Wall system in conjunction with post tensioned slabs and concrete columns for the building structure," says a builder on the Belmont Central project.

"As a long term commercial building company, not having used this system previously we were at first apprehensive and sceptical about the system, however our fears were removed once we commenced the structure and appreciated the expediency and relative simple nature and ease of construction," he adds.

AFS Logicwall structural walling was also used on the Coast Apartments at Port Macquarie as the external load bearing façade element, offering a 40 year durability life in reference to the Australian Standards in an aggressive coastal environment. AFS Logicwall was also used in the internal load bearing lift shaft.

The use of this structural walling combined with lightweight vertical partitions led to an efficient and relatively fast construction, providing critical building elements only requiring finishing treatment. The finished product looks smart ,should age slowly and is compatible with the surrounding buildings.

“After significant consideration and comparison with other products we decided on AFS for Coast Apartments because of its slim section that saved critical space on our narrow block, the speed of construction, the simplicity of detailing, and the reduced number of trades required to get the building locked up," said an architect on the Port Macquarie project.

"The surface density improved thermal performance, and acoustic benefits of the product could not be compared with anything else with such a narrow profile.

"AFS was particularly suited to Coast Apartments, which are located close to the beach in Port Macquarie, because of the fact that any structural steel has good concrete cover, it was an obvious choice over cavity wall systems that would have required galvanised or stainless steel wall ties etc. in the extreme environment,” he added. 

The Coast Apartments Port Macquarie is a nine storey construction which used 2500m² of AFS Logicwall structural walling for the boundary walls, corridor walls, and lift and stair shafts.