Architectural Framing Systems  have released the latest structural walling system, the AFS 262 Logic Wall. The AFS 262 Logic Wall comes with a stud profile designed to carry two horizontal reinforcement bars.

The AFS 262 Logic Wall is the result of Architectural Framing Systems and structural engineering firms coming to an agreement on what was needed to offer a wall with greater capacity and design flexibility to the existing range of AFS walls.

The AFS 262 Logic Wall’s two reinforcement layers and its large stud openings allow engineers to extend the use of AFS walling to heavily loaded structural elements such as sheer and core walls, while utilising the advantages of the product such as speed and the reduction of formed surfaces.

The new AFS 262 Logic Wall’s custom stud openings allow the structural design to AS3600 of an AFS Logic Wall with up to 250kg/m3 reinforcement for axial, sheer and out of plane capacity. The AFS 262 Logic Wall can be used in applications that are beyond the capabilities of the thinner singly reinforced AFS Logic Walls.

AFS 262 Logic Wall is a superior alternative to conventionally formed walls for the following reasons:

  • Speed of construction
  • Shop-drawn modular system
  • Superior structural capacity
  • Complies with BCA fire and acoustic performance requirements
  • Optimum efficiency in materials handling, not crane dependent
  • Durable, quality wall finish


Suitable applications for AFS 262 Logic Walls are a range of walls in multi-level structures including:

  • Lift and stair cores
  • Sheer walls
  • Boundary walls
  • Blade walls
  • Transfer walls
  • Core walls
  • Retaining walls
  • Columns