Currently, the Australian construction industry is experiencing measurable growth that increases the demand for faster and more efficient construction methods. In order to keep up with the trend and demands, the need for utilising faster and more efficient materials while meeting industry standards for performance, durability and environmental impact are becoming more popular. This is seen across all building types, especially large-scale developments. 

Traditionally, the concrete construction process requires formwork to be removed once concrete has set or gained sufficient strength. However in a recent whitepaper by AFS, Faster and more efficient construction: A specifier’s guide to permanent formwork, an alternate solution is proposed. As the name suggests, permanent formwork is left in place after concrete has set. 

The whitepaper commences by defining permanent formwork in comparison with traditional concrete construction formwork, highlighting its popular characteristics that are desired, and exploring other successful applications within the industry. It then proceeds to accentuate the faster, cleaner and more efficient benefits of using permanent formwork during construction - specifically examining how it meets Australian Standards for being high performing, robust and durable. To conclude, the whitepaper shifts its focus towards permanent formwork’s versatility within various loadbearing and non-loadbearing applications, accentuating again that it is a more efficient solution than traditional construction methods. 

AFS, part of CSR Limited, is the only manufacturer to offer permanent formwork solutions for walling systems in both PVC and fibre cement. For over 20 years, they have provided high performance permanent formwork systems through their logicwall® fibre cement and rediwall® PVC solutions 

To learn more about permanent formwork as the faster, cost effective and efficient alternate construction solution that adheres strictly to Australian standards, download Faster and more efficient construction: A specifier’s guide to permanent formwork.