AE Harradence & Company  offers a wide range of glass doors and window designs. AE Harradence & Company provides window and door designs with sandblast design patterns. These sandblast designs are prepared with acid tones to facilitate clear viewing. These glasses are carefully crafted to exhibit the most refined appeal. AE Harradence & Company also offers deeply sandblasted border lines with an acid textured background area. Ruby glass designs can also be used on doors and windows. Door panels can be acid embossed to make them look more elegant.

AE Harradence & Company also offers glass designs for balustrades and partitions. These glass designs can be offered with glass chip designs to give a traditional look. The wide varieties of glass options offered by AE Harradence & Company leave customers an extensive option to choose from.

A wide range of contemporary designs and Victorian designs are also offered by AE Harradence & Company. The quality of the glass upon which the various patterns are designed is important in delivering a fine artistic piece. The quality depends on the transparency of glass. Glass designs to match both traditional and modern preferences are supplied by AE Harradence & Company to match individual requirements.