After nearly two years in the design and development process, this Australian product now exceeds the Sustainable Energy Authority level requirements for a totally self-sealing exhaust fan.

The DraftStoppa prevents cool or warm air escaping to or entering from the roof cavity. It prevents polluted air or cooking smells from entering into other parts of the home or workplace.

The DraftStoppa is economically priced and adapts to most major ceiling exhaust fans. It is simple to install and opens and closes effortlessly, without loading-up your ceiling exhaust fans motor.

In terms of maintaining their five-star energy rating, Advantec Australasia Pty Ltd believes DraftStoppa offers a cost advantage over alternative sealing options.

Testing by Complex Air Conditioning Pty Ltd, as reviewed by the Victorian Sustainable Energy Authority, indicates that in areas where ceiling fans are in use this adds up to an energy saving of up to 30%.