In June 2004, Jarrett Synergy Pty Ltd – the company behind two Australian brands in builder’s hardware and winches, Tuff Hardware and Jarrett Winches and Cranes – was renamed Advansa Pty Ltd. From a local contract manufacturer, Advansa is now an internationally-minded product development, sourcing and distribution company.

Tuff Hardware is a well known brand in builder's hardware. Following a capacity-enhancement and product-line extension exercise completed mid-2002, the Tuff Hardware range was enhanced and equipped with the capacity and capability to capture the rapid growth of the builder’s hardware market. Tuff Hardware has a national based retail and wholesale distribution network, with an extensive product range which includes support posts, timber connectors, hinges and gate bolts, brackets and fence plates, and a wide selection of fasteners.

Established in 1948, Jarrett Winches and Cranes are known for their winches and cranes in the industrial, agricultural, OEM and marine applications. The Jarrett Winches and Cranes range include boat trailer winches, industrial and safety winches, Backsaver cranes and the newly launched Galvanised Jarrett Boat Trailer Winches. A winch selection guide is also available for ease of selection.