Advanced Shutter Industries Aust  offers a wide range of shutters for both domestic and commercial applications. The residential window roller shutters enhances the beauty of the home and protects from dusts and dirt. It protects widows from flying debris. One unique feature about this shutter is that it is fire resistant thus is suitable for bush fire areas and other fire prone areas. With residential window roller shutters one can control the amount of light and ventilation that enters the house by adjusting the slats. This feature helps to protect other furniture from sun damage. It is best suited for both hot and cold weather conditions. These shutters also eliminate the outside noise from entering through window and offers greater privacy. It has an efficient locking system that assures safety as well. The residential window roller shutters are available in a wide range of colours, styles and sizes to match the customer requirements.

The PROEX ranges of roller shutters offered by Advanced Shutter Industries Aust are very strong when compared to other products. These shutters are made out of aluminum slats with a wall thickness of 1.1 millimeter. They are suitable for commercial, factory and industrial applications. These shutters can be simply rolled away out of sight when not in use thus facilitating easy operation. The shutters can be remote controlled to facilitate easy operation as well. A roller shutter can also be used in place of a traditional door. It can be used as a garage door and also to secure records and files. These roller shutters can be tailor made to suit individual customer requirements