The principals of Advanced Retail Systems (A/R/S) have over 40 years of manufacturing expertise, combined with specialised hospitality experience since the mid 1990’s.

Advanced Retail Systems were established as manufacturers of modular retailing Food and Beverage carts (known as ‘Advanced Carts’) - specifically designed to service the growing demand for portable and semi-permanent catering outlets.

In particular, the team had hands-on understanding of operating retail cart systems during the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

This expertise also covers the logistics behind supply of product on an ongoing basis to multiple outlets, as well as technical backup in many venues throughout Sydney.

In 2004, during a visit to Greece, A/R/S were consulted in regards to cart operations for the Olympic Games in Athens through the exclusive catering service provider – Aramark-Dasko.

Then, in early 2006, Coca-Cola Amatil Australia (who own Grinder’s Coffee) – operated these ideal cart systems during The 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

Following the appraisal of the refined retail industry worldwide, Advanced Retail Systems have decided to widen their product range by developing modular Kiosks and In-line stores.

Global trends that A/R/S caters for include the following:

  • Food & Beverage (F&B) Retail growth strategies
  • Whether new emerging brands, or well established brands
  • People wanting to own their own business
  • Easy setup with simple operation and ongoing support
  • Franchising and Licensing opportunities
  • To support major consistent roll-out initiatives
  • Space is a premium
  • Little space is required when using innovative solutions
  • Minimising risk when setting up a business
  • The systems can be relocated if the sites are not successful
  • Middle class is growing
  • Dispensable income is higher and spending habits are growing
  • This means that more of these systems can supply a growing catering demand

As a global company, Advanced Retail Systems (A/R/S) are constantly expanding their support infra-structure for the roll-out of start-up and major brands around the world.

In addition, the R&D division is always looking to innovate and improve the product range, working closely with the clients, to add good value as their partnerships grow stronger.